Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recap of the past month

I have been terrible at blogging lately, so I thought I would catch up on all of the fun things I forgot to share with everyone.

 One of my co-workers and his girlfriend came over for FHE and we carved pumpkins! It was a lot of fun. Josh is a very fast pumpkin carver. After he finished he helped my carve mine. I was very pleased with how they turned out.

As you all know it is very cold in Wyoming... This is proof!

  This year we went to Josh's parents' house for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun! Josh played football with the priesthood in his old family ward, then we went paint balling. Oh yeah I forgot to mention Josh got us an early Christmas present... Paintball guns! It was my first time playing, and I had a blast. I got a cheap shot to my head from Scott, Josh's little brother, but I shot him in the face, so we were even. I also got hit on my hand, and my fingers are still sore. Josh got jacked up from some brushes, but we both had so much fun. I think battle scars make it more fun. :)
  Our sister-in-law, Sarah made Thanksgiving dinner, and it was to die for! My favorite was the cranberry sauce that she made from fresh cranberries. We were sad we didn't get any leftovers because we had to leave at 5am the next morning to get me to work by 8. It was pretty lame that I had to work, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  All in all we had a great Thanksgiving. We were happy to spend it with Josh's family because we are going to my family's for Christmas. We can't wait! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday too!

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