Saturday, May 12, 2012

20 Weeks!!!!

It took me 20 weeks, but I finally gave in and took a belly photo. I am half way there!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trying on maturnity clothes

GIRL or BOY?????

So, we went to the Dr. Wednesday and found out what we are going to have! Luckily, it's a baby... not a monkey. We have received many inquiries on the gender of our soon-to-be newest addition, so we decided to let everyone know through our blog. However, as you all know, Josh and I like to make a big deal about everything. We also like to make a big deal about ourselves. Therefore, in order to find out the sex of our baby, we have put together a little trivia questionnaire.

Here's how it works:
Answer all of the questions with whom you think the facts belong. The gender of the baby is the same gender as the name answered most often. I.E. more answers Josh= Boy, more answers Aubree= Girl.

Now get your pen and paper ready and see how well you know Josh and Aubree.

Josh or Aubree
1. Who is older? 
2. Who graduated early from high school?
3. Whose high school mascot was the Indians?
4. Who Speaks Spanish Fluently?
5. Who volunteered at a dance camp for underprivileged children?
6. Who kick-boxes for exercise?
7. Who had a pet dog named Brutus... and still cries about the lethal injection that he/she thought for years was actually carried out by a shotgun because his/her older siblings told him/her that?
8.Who currently has the most cavities?
9. Whose favorite T.V. show is America's Next Top Model?
10.Whose favorite fruit is Mango?
11. Who dressed in a Moose costume as a mascot for a summer job?
12.Who was voted "Best Looking" in Junior high?
13.Who is working this summer?
14.Who served his/her mission where they send the prettiest missionaries? 
15. Who plays the Piano?
16. Who doesn't like green candy?
 Please refer to figure 26.12 to answer question 17-18.
17.Whose nose does the baby have?
18.Whose ears does the baby have?

                                                Figure 26.12
19.Who is better looking?

To view the answer key, click the comment box.