Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

Ok! First of all let me just admit how much of a slacker I have been with keeping this blog updated. I know, I suck. Now that we got that all over with, let me try to catch you up on our lives...

Josh and I are having a lot of changes coming up very soon. I put in my notice  to leave my job at Ark Regional Services as a dance instructor for adults and children with intellectual disabilities. I am very sad to leave them, but excited for a change.
Josh has Finals this coming week. It is bitter sweet. We are glad to get this semester over with; however, the changes that come after this week are nerve wracking... Josh has accepted a summer job to sell home security systems through Vivint.(<---- click here for more info) Therefore, we will be moving to Little Rock, Arkansas for the summer. He heard about this opportunity through his childhood best friend, Brock. Brock is already in AR selling, and he is seeing lots of success. Josh is flying out May 6th, but I am staying in Laramie for two weeks after, so I can be here for a dance recital my students have been working on. We are excited for an adventure and an opportunity for Josh to expand his sales knowledge. Josh is looking forward to spending the summer with his childhood bestie. I will also note that Josh is VERY excited for me to stop working so I have more time to cook and clean. :)

On my way to AR (I am driving all by myself ), I am going to make a stop in Texas to expand my teaching knowledge. I am going to attend an all day training to become a certified Turbo Kick instructor. My sister-in-law, Emily, introduced me to Turbo Fire last year, and that is how I got into great shape for my wedding. I even had to have my dress taken in. Every Turbo Kick class I attend gets me so excited and pumped, I don't even feel like I'm working out. I am SO excited to receive certification to bring that excitement to my own classes when I decide to start teaching.

In July we are planning a trip to California to attend the Garbett family reunion. Josh won't be able to take off too much time, so he will only come out for a few days. I plan on going for a few weeks. Early August we are attending the Jones family reunion in Lander, WY. We are excited to see the finished product of his parents log house. Then we will return to AR for a few weeks more of selling.

We are moving to a new apartment in Laramie, so while we are away, our things will remain in Storage. When we return mid August, we will move into our new 2 bedroom apartment. This apartment is only a mile away from campus, so Josh can still bike to school (he loves doing that... I don't get it).

As you can see, this summer is going to be a fun filled adventure! We are ready to try new things and do lots of traveling. I will be better at keeping you all up to date. I'm sure I will have lots more time on my hands!

Oh, and by the way, we're going to have a baby in September...

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